Sunday, March 23, 2008

Aidan's Photo Shoot

We had great weather in Alabama, so decided to take Aidan out for his 4-yr pictures while we were there. These were taken at Grandpa Bruce's church. Aidan practiced his "natural" smile for a while, and I think he did pretty well!

Happy Birthday, Brian

and... Happy Easter from our house!

The Largest Office Chair in the World

Notice how small Aidan and Brian look in the bottom corner? We had a great time visiting Brian's parents in Anniston, Alabama...and this was just a bonus!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aidan is 4!

Aidan was allowed to invite 4 kids this year (because he turned 4 years old) to his birthday party. We went to Backyard Adventures in Cedar Rapids- what fun! He wanted a Blue's Clues birthday, so I made a Blue's Clues cake for him.

The Accident

Aidan fell off the kitchen counter (climbing up to the cabinets- something he's not supposed to do) the day before his birthday and ended up with staples in his head. Ouch!