Sunday, April 11, 2010

Alex is Four

This was a big birthday for Alex this year. Not only was it his golden birthday, but it also fell on Easter. The next time it falls on Easter, he will be 15 years old.

We spent the afternoon at a local park with friends, eating awesome food and hunting for Easter eggs.

His party was two days later. It was supposed to be at the Par-tee Zone, but they changed their hours and when we arrived, the doors were locked. So we made a quick decision to go to the Children's Museum, followed by lunch and cake at the mall.

I took Alex out for his 4-year pictures, and he was not very cooperative. Hopefully you can't tell from the photos. I never would have thought his 4 year pics would have been more difficult than his 3-year pics.

This last one is one of my favorites. You are so stubborn, yet so adorable at the same time. You will always be my baby, Alex! Happy 4th!